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Nylon vs. Polyester- Which is better?

Carpet options wichita kansasNylon vs. Polyester – which is best?  Trick question – neither is a concrete “best” option because it truly does depend on what you’re buying the carpet for in the first place.  Don’t worry, we’ll explain.


From a far away view, nylon may look like the best option as it tends to hold up better in high traffic areas and is resilient (it will bounce back after being stepped on).  To go a little deeper, we must also say that not all nylons are one in the same.  There are two types of nylon used in carpet fibers – nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 (stay with us here).  The two fibers differ in chemical makeup and properties, and nylon 6,6 is generally preferred because of its higher strength; so that alone is something to think about (which we can get more into at another time). While nylon is durable, it is also usually more expensive than its polyester counterpart and it needs to be treated with a stain protection.


Polyester got a bad reputation many years ago because it would pack down when walked on, and it isn’t as likely to spring back.  It also tends to wear out faster in high-traffic areas, but it has developed and grown a lot more reliable through the years and does have some great qualities of its own.  Polyester, as a fiber, is naturally good at repelling stains, whereas nylon needs the treatment.  It also takes on color very well and is a soft option (if those are deciding factors for you). 

In recent years, due to a suffering economy, polyester has had a re-growth.  With people becoming more value-minded due to shrinking budgets, polyester has caught on again because it is less expensive.  While it may not be the most durable carpet option of them all, polyester carpets are perfect for rooms in the home that don’t see too much traffic (for instance, a guest room).  It is also a perfect option for someone considering selling their home, as it still looks beautiful, or for those who need to make their house livable on a tight budget.  We wouldn’t, however recommend polyester for stairs, unless you plan to replace them frequently. 

More than fiber

When you’re choosing your carpet, keep in mind that there is more to each option than solely fiber.  Twist and density are also two important factors in making your carpet decision. If you have any questions as to which fiber, twist or density is right for your rooms, and are in the Wichita or surrounding areas, feel free to contact one of our experts to hear their input.


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